Customised Apps For Inspections, Checklists & Reports For The Construction Industry

Including Architects, Engineers, Building Surveyors, Fire Engineers, Assigned Certifiers, Consulting Engineers, Ancillary Certifiers, Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Contractors and Sub Contractors.

What Does The APP Do?

Your apps are designed with construction professionals of any area in mind. The app allows you to “appfiy” your paper processes from inspection checklists to surveys.

Your apps allow you to carry out your inspection on the app, taking photos, adding notes and tagging drawings. Once you have completed a survey you can then sign and submit it.

The submitted survey is then automatically generated into a report on your branded dashboard. No more long hours in the office typing up reports.

Any unresolved items on the report are automatically forwarded to the relevant consultant/contractor who is responsible for resolving the issue, once they have resolved the issue they can update the report with photos and notes from a secure web link sent to the consultant following initial survey submission. The initial survey is updated with the new information including the date and consultant name.

The app is fully branded to suit your company and customisable to your inspection requirements.


What Does The Dashboard Do?

The dashboard of the system is a great tool for your construction toolbox.

The dashboard not only automatically generates the report from your app survey but carries out many administrative tasks.

The dashboard is fully branded to your company. From here you can add clients, contractors and projects. You can also assign surveyors to each project. 

You can view the report of your survey, download a PDF copy and email to a colleague or stakeholder quickly.

You can also request documentation from other stakeholders in the dashboard quickly.

The dashboard automatically creates report schedules and document schedules, you can create a PDF of these quickly for uploading to the BCMS if required.

The dashboard makes administrative tasks more streamlined for your company, which helps you save time and increase efficiency.



Everything you need is in one place

What We Offer

Customised Apps For Professionals Within All Industries With Particular Emphasis On The Areas Within Construction (architects, surveyors, builders etc.)

Customised Apps

When you purchase a customised app, your company’s logo will be added to the app and appear on all your reports. The fully branded app will also feature any surveys which you provide to be appified. The app can be fully branded and feature any surveys you require.


App for the construction industry

Our apps allow you to take all your construction inspections, surveys and checklists and put them into an app. You can complete your surveys, checklists and inspections through the app adding photos and notes. Once submitted, a report is automatically generated for you to view, send by email to colleagues or save as a PDF.

Complete inspections with ease

With your customised app, you can complete construction inspection with ease, adding notes, photos & drawing tagging.

Automatic Reporting

Completed and submitted surveys are automatically generated into a report. These can be easily shared with colleagues or shareholders.

Customised Dashboard

The dashboard has a range of administrative features such as reports of your surveys, adding, editing and removing projects, clients and properties, adding new users for both app and dashboard and also a calendar feature which can be implemented to keep track of all scheduled events and work across all projects.


BCR Comply has a range of supports available, from phone calls to video demonstrations. In-person demonstrations are also available on so you can receive a full induction into the use of the app and the admin dashboard system.

Reports generated per day

Average App Rating

hours time saved per week

In my role as an architect I am constantly trying to improve the quality of service for my clients. Cost effectiveness is important. It is my experience that the final stage of a project is the most time consuming yet essential in achieving a quality product.

I believe this application provided by BCR Comply can save time with inspections, recording, sharing and storing information. If following an inspection we can return to the office knowing that all the information collected on site has been stored, recorded and fully accessible to all the stakeholders, that will be reassuring and also free up time for other aspects of our work.

I am looking forward to using the product on projects and believe it will be beneficial and save a significant amount of time.

Colin Bell, MRIAI

“As registered architects and Passivhaus Designers; I forget sometimes forget (how could I) that we’re also Design Certifier and Assigned Certifiers under S.I. No. 9 of 2014.

As much as I hate SI9 and all it’s ramifications, and as much as I have opposed the change in the Building Regulations both before, during and after it’s implementation; unfortunately I have to work with it in the meantime.

I was interested therefore to see a new website and app that gives assistance to Assigned Certifiers in ensuring that works are compliant with the Building Regulations (BCR Comply.

We are keen to implement new software and technologies and as well as making life easier for us, it gives a better service to our clients and keeps our work current, up to date and fulfills our CPD obligations. See one of the BCR Comply test Site Inspection Reports we produced here.”

Mark Stephens Architects, Passivhaus Designers, Design Certifiers & Assigned Certifiers