Streamline Your Projects with Our Comprehensive Quality and Project Management System

Welcome to BCR Comply: your cutting-edge digital solutions in the retrofit, construction and solar PV industries. Our all-encompassing web-based Dashboard and Apps: Main app is developed specifically for surveyors (project managers) and Lite app, for contractors (workers onsite). At BCR Comply we offer a real-time window into every facet of One-Stop-Shop projects.

With our Quality and Project Management System, businesses can effortlessly generate and oversee documentation compliance and visual evidence through photographs, manage workflows, fulfill audit prerequisites, adhere to S.R. 54 obligations, and meet SEAI and NSAI compliance requisites.

Innovative Apps and Dashboards tailored specifically for the Retrofit, Construction and Solar PV Industries, empowering SEAI Registered Contractors, Sub-Contractors, HEA/BER Assessors to achieve their project goals with ease.

Enhance Project Efficiency with BCR Comply

✔ Comprehensive Project Management

✔ Enhanced QMS from Project Start to Completion

✔ Efficient Quote Issuing & Contract Signing

✔ Carrying out Pre-, During & Post-Works Surveys

✔  Digital Solution, No More Paperwork

 dashboard & apps development for the construction, retrofit and solar PV industries

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using the dashboard you can:

  • Create clients, properties, batches, schemes, users;
  • Manage projects via scheduler;
  • Upload a variety of documents belonging to a property;
  • Assign & schedule works to a property;
  • Add a contractor to a measure;
  • Track a contractor’s progress;
  • Assign surveyors to a property;
  • Create & track variations;
  • Set reminders & add notes;
  • Flag missing documentation from contractors, sub-contractors, HEA & BER Assessors;
  • Create snag items and deadlines;
  • Mark batches, properties & measures as pending, in-progress & complete;
  • Stay in touch with an app user via messaging feature;
  • Oversee generated PDF reports related to a property, inc. Health & Safety Plan, Better Energy Homes QA, Quotation, New Retrofit Photo Form, Progress Inspection Report,  Property Inspection Form, Roof Survey and more.
BCR Comply Dashboard
BCR Comply App for the Retrofit Industry

using the app you can:

  • View all current, past & scheduled properties;
  • Create a new property;
  • Create a variety of pre-, during & post surveys (no internet connection required);
  • Access a property’s existing documents, contracts & surveys;
  • View measures allocated to a property;
  • Add contracts & get signatures;
  • View 3rd Party documents shared from the dashboard;
  • Take photographs, create sketches, using a single/batch upload functionality;
  • Generate snag items for unfinished/issued jobs;
  • Sign & submit the forms generating a comprehensive PDF report (Better Energy Homes QA, Quotation, Property Inspection, Progress Inspection, and more);
  • Stay connected with an admin via messaging feature;
  • Use the app in both offline and online modes.