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BCR Retrofit has been developed specifically for the Retrofit industry & One Stop Shops, SEAI Registered Contractors, Sub Contractors, HEA Assessors & BER Assessors.

It is a  comprehensive web-based dashboard & APP providing real-time visibility on every aspect of the One Stop Shop projects, encompassing photographic evidence, compliance documents, and up-to-date status updates on all ongoing works.

Using the Dashboard & APP, they can manage all their documentation compliance, workflow, audit requirements, SR54 obligations & NSAI compliance requirements.

The Dashboard

  • Create Clients, Properties, Batches, Schemes, Contractors & Assessors
  • Add and Track Measures / Works to a property
  • Upload a variety of documents belonging to a property for all to see
  • Assign / Schedule Works to a property
  • Assign a contractor to a Measure
  • Track the Contractors Progress
  • Assign Surveyors to a Property
  • Filter, Search all data to help monitor and track all aspects of a project
  • Contractors get their own secure login to the dashboard to manage their works & associated documents
  • Create and track variations
  • Set reminders & add notes
  • Flag missing documentation from contractors, sub-contractors and HEA / BER Assessors
  • Mark BatchesProperties & Measures as Pending, In-progress and Complete


  • Create a variety of Pre, During & Post Surveys (no internet connection required)
  • Create Contracts & get signatures
  • View all current, past & scheduled properties
  • Access a properties existing documents, contracts and surveys
  • Create a new property while on the road
  • Take Photographs, create sketches, add text & use  dropdowns and Radio buttons to complete surveys
  • All surveys submitted are saved to the dashboard, with a PDF document automatically created
  • Works in Offline Mode  (No Internet)  & Online Mode