The dashboard has an employee/sub-contractor section where the Administrator can add all relevant certification with regard to each person carrying out their role within the business and scheme. These requirements include up to date safe pass (and expiry date), relevant installation certificates, commissioning procedures, relevant insurances, tax clearance certificates etc.

The dashboard has a client issue/complaints log, this records all contacts with customers by date and time and what responses and remedial actions were taken by the relevant personnel within the organisation to resolve each issue and record it as such.

Each log is property specific and all issues recorded on this log feed into the organisations continuous improvement policy.

If any external audits are being carried out by SEAI, NSAI etc., all documentation is readily available and for remote audits. All documentation specific to any property or scheme can be downloaded easily for sharing digitally with the relevant auditing body.

The following documents are available for reference and available digitally in real time to all stakeholders:

⦁ NSAI S.R 54: 2014
⦁ Domestic Technical Standards and Specifications (DTSS)
⦁ One Stop Shop documentation and registration guidelines and terms and conditions
⦁ Scheme guidelines, documentation and terms and conditions
⦁ Building regulations
⦁ Planning regulations
⦁ Wiring regulations
⦁ Health & safety regulations
⦁ Better Energy Homes-QADP
⦁ Desktop Audit Photo Guidance Rev.1
⦁ ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems – Requirements
⦁ ISO 10005:2018 Quality Management – Guidelines for Quality Plans
⦁ ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems — Requirements and guidance for use
⦁ Best Practice guidelines for the preparation of resource management plans for construction and demolition projects

The Dashboard allows the user to perform technical reviews at specific milestones, usually quarterly which include:

⦁ Measures completed
⦁ Review of the Home Energy Assessment performed
⦁ Outcomes of OSS audits and inspections
⦁ Review of SEAI inspections and audits
⦁ Assessment of quality performance and actions to continuously improve quality
⦁ Review of resource management plan for the retrofit works (to ensure that at least 70% C&D waste is managed as required in the guidelines)
⦁ Review of a selection of Home Energy Assessments
⦁ Review of site photographs for installed measures
⦁ All relevant QA reports and supporting documentation
⦁ Any certifications in line with the relevant technical standards


The system has a customer satisfaction form which the Administrator can share digitally with the end-user customer for feedback at any stage of the project. This allows the business to continually review the project delivery, quality, and customer satisfaction rating, in real time and update training and processes if required.