Retrofit Project Management

The BCR Comply Retrofit System serves as an effective Project Management System for the user/operator which allows to plan, organise and manage all aspects of the Retrofit Process for each scheme type.

The system allows the user to add single or multiple properties via the Dashboard or via the App (single dwellings).

Once added, you can easily allocate the measures for each dwelling. As this process is being carried out, a specific timeline schedule is allocated to each measure. This will then feed into an overall timeline for the scheme batch.

The Dashboard allows the User to have an overview of all resources in connection with various properties.

Retrofit Project Management

The Dashboard gives real time communication options between the project coordinator and each employee/sub-contractor on each project.

External operators, like BER Assessors and Technical Advisors with their own Dashboards get an access to all relevant back-up documentation for each measure, saving time and costs trying to contact numerous stakeholders for these documents.

The operator creates variations of the project cost via each measure. These can be created, accepted or rejected by the Administrator or Employee/Sub-contractor in real time.

The user records and manages risks in project delivery. These can include pre-works surveys which will determine how you can manage the project and what resources you need during the process.

The App comes fully-loaded with all relevant inspection checklist forms that allows the users to quickly and efficiently carry out inspections and surveys, which will ensure project delivery is in accordance with scheme requirements, and ensures real time overview or project status for each stakeholder.

The user can share any changes to the project requirements with each relevant stakeholder with the ability to accept, alter, or reject these changes.

This system is the only system in Ireland set up specifically for the Retrofit industry, giving our customers a leading edge in project and scheme delivery including:

  • Out-Of-The-Box Quality Management System
  • Dedicated Contact
  • Fast Grant Payment
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Real Time Communication
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Training and Support
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