BCR Comply is considered a Quality Management System because we offer a comprehensive set of tools and features that enable businesses to effectively manage and maintain the quality of their projects and processes.

The BCR Comply Retrofit System documents processes, procedures and responsibilities in a formalised system that allows all contractors to achieve quality in its organisational and delivery policies and objectives.

Our system enables the contractor to coordinate and direct its organisation’s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements. They can improve its effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.

The system’s primary goal is to facilitate the organising and completion of works on time and with all compliance documents, reports and photographic evidence in one place and to deliver the expectations of all the stakeholders, including the homeowner, SEAI, local authorities, housing bodies, Department of Housing, sub-contractors etc.


A comprehensive web-based Dashboard & APP providing real-time visibility on every aspect of projects, encompassing photographic evidence, compliance documents and up-to-date status updates on all ongoing works.

Overview Of The System’s Overall Function

Data Storage

All data stored within the BCR Comply Retrofit system is on our AWS servers. The data is backed-up daily and can be exported by the user. The form contains CSV files, photos, PDF’s and all other document types uploaded to the system. BCR Comply acts as a Data Controller for the One Stop Shop.

The Data

All information on the web-based Dashboard and the mobile APP relates to tables in a database. The photos, compliance documentation & PDF reports are in a series of folders. These assets are related to the property in question via the database.


⦁ Property & Client details
⦁ Contractors & Measures
⦁ Works Orders
⦁ Pre-, During and Post Works Surveys
⦁ Photographic Evidence
⦁ HEA / BER Assessors’ Documentation
⦁ 3rd Party Forms


Our Dashboard gives the user’s staff access to all data relating to a project/property. You can assign and monitor measures to contractors, view in real time all surveys/reports carried out on site by the surveyors and the contractors.

Employees/Sub-Contractors get an access to their own dashboard where they can view their works, upload their compliance documents and raise a variation if required. The Dashboard tells the contractor what documents they need. It also warns the admins of any missing documents.


The APP works in both Online and Offline modes. It enables Surveyors and Contractors to carry out a variety of on-site reports. The categories are pre-, during and post works reports, as well as quotation and contract forms.

Our APP also gives the contractors and surveyors access to notes and 3rd party forms in connection with their properties.

This system enables all users to deliver high-quality energy measures, continuously improve the quality framework and comply with the requirements of the respective schemes within the scope of the quality framework.


The App comes in two different versions:

Main App is for the organisations internal surveyors and QA personnel and has various levels of access which the scheme administrator sets from the main dashboard.

Lite App is for onsite sub-contractors and employees and these personnel have access to only their specific properties and specific forms within the App like EWI 5 stage progress report, progress report, contractors QA etc. and the scheme administrator can also control it.


National Standards Authority of Ireland