Our system sets out initially to find out what the customer requirements are. Once an initial call is received from a customer, the system allows the user to add the prospective customer on the web-based Dashboard. Customer can also be added via App on a mobile device.

This initial contact with the prospective client will allow the user to take basic information like the current status of the customer including the dwelling type, location and energy use, status etc.

The system can also import a pre-filled list of properties that may come from SEAI schemes and allows the user to import in one easy upload.

SEAI-registered contractors, properties

These pre-assessed schemes may also come with an inspection report which can be uploaded to the system digitally and shared at a future date with the relevant stakeholders, like the project coordinator and specific measure contractors.

The system enables clients to be batched by scheme type and/or batches within schemes. This allows the operator to not only monitor a property individually as the scheme progresses, but to monitor all properties within a scheme/batch in an overall context. It also allows them to take action to allocate additional resources, if necessary, to enable programme deadlines to be achieved and see in advance where backlogs may happen and take preventative action.

The system allows the user to allocate measures to specific employees/sub-contractors. Each employee/sub-contractor has their own dashboard with their allocated properties and allocated measures. It is the responsibility of each employee/sub-contractor that is allocated a measure to acknowledge receipt of such measure, to accept or reject it and if accepted, to commit to carry out the measure within the allocated scheduled timeline.

The administrator of the system can at all times communicate with each employee/sub-contractor via text messages specifically relating to the specific property and measure. All messages are time and date stamped and saved on the dashboard.

The user can issue the client with a quotation and sign the contract from within the App.

Each employee/sub-contractor has real time overview of each of their specific properties and measures and knows exactly what backup evidence is required and has access to the Domestic Technical Standards, Better Energy Homes QA and SR54 via the App.

The administrator can update the user at any time to update and check that the employees/subcontractors have all the latest technical standards and quality procedures to hand at all times, especially while on the job.