Welcome to the FAQs page for BCR Comply’s apps and interactive dashboard. Here, we aim to provide you with comprehensive insights into the functionalities, features, and benefits of our cutting-edge compliance solutions.

Whether you’re a newcomer curious about our offerings or a seasoned user looking for quick answers, this resource will guide you through common queries, helping you navigate the vast capabilities of our apps and dashboard with ease. We will continually be adding to this list.

In the meantime, should you have any queries, please contact us by email or mobile on 087 942 0578.

Who Do You Design Apps For?

BCR Comply designs APPS for all areas of the construction industry: from Architects to Fire Engineers, Property Inspectors and Insulation Contractors. If your company operates in the construction industry we can make an App that will suit your business.

How Can an App Help My Business?

Our APPS allow you to take all your construction inspections, survey and checklists and put them into an app. You can now complete your Surveys, Checklists and Inspections through the app adding photos and notes. Once submitted, a report is automatically generated for you to view, send by email to colleagues or save as a PDF. This will save you hours in the office.


What Other Features of the Dashboard can Help Me?

The DASHBOARD has a range of administrative features.

These include:

  • reports of your surveys
  • adding, editing and removing projects, clients and properties
  • adding new users for both app and dashboard
  • calendar feature which can be implemented to keep track of all scheduled events and work across all projects.
What Can Your Apps Do?

Our APPS take your construction Checklists, Surveys and Inspections and appifys them. You can then complete them in the app, adding photos and notes. Once you submit, a report is automatically generated.

Will There Be Much of an Adjustment Period?

The adjustment period has been smooth for our past clients. The change can be different but BCR Comply has a range of supports available, from phone calls to video demonstrations, walking you through each step of using the app and dashboard and all of the features.

Customer support is always available.

In-person demonstrations are also available on request, so you can have your staff in and receive a full induction into the use of the app and the admin dashboard system.

Can I Add My Company’s Logos and Specific surveys?

When you purchase a customised app, your company’s logo will be added to the app and appear on all your reports. The fully-branded app will also feature any surveys which you provide to be appified. The app can be fully branded and feature any surveys you require.