The Administrator of the system will appoint a QA Inspector for each measure which is visible to the employee/sub-contractor via their Dashboard. The line of responsibility is clearly defined from the top down as to who will have responsibility for each stage of the retrofit upgrade process.

The Administrator will only mark a measure as completed once they are satisfied that it is 100% complete including the provision of all back-up evidence as required. This also applies to the completion of all measures for the specific property and scheme batch.

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The Administrator can add and remove employees/sub-contractors from any property or measure via the Dashboard. Using the Dashboard the Administrator can monitor each employee/sub-contractor’s performance on all measures with regard to quality, delivery time, inspection frequency and sign-off. This will allow the Administrator to address any failings within the measures delivery to the scheme standard and the business’s requirements.

The main Dashboard of the system gives the Administrator an overview of the status of all properties and the status of each measure specific to each property. This allows the Administrator to plan and take proactive steps if any measure or property or scheme batch is not on schedule and allocate additional resources if required.

The Dashboard allows the Administrator to view the status of each inspection report, the QA Supervisor will carry out the final inspection on each property and use the Inspection App to carry out the QA Inspection which is based on the Better Energy Homes QA Document. This inspection will flag any non-conformance and these non-conformance items are flagged to the relevant employee/sub-contractor.

The Administrator can also see when these items are addressed and marked as complete and check repeated non-conformance items and regular non-conformance of any employees/sub-contractors.

All documentation is retained in digital format on secure servers accessed only by the Administrator and any users that the Administrator allows. These documents are maintained by the Administrator for a period of at least 7 years or as required by the scheme operator.