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What Does The APP Do?

Our Apps are designed specifically for the construction professionals of any area. The App allows you to “appfiy” your paper processes from inspection checklists to surveys.

You can carry out your inspections on the BCR Comply App, taking photos, adding notes and tagging drawings. Once you have completed a survey, you can then sign and submit it.

The submitted survey is then automatically generated into a report on your branded Dashboard. No more long hours in the office typing up reports!

Any unresolved items on the report are automatically forwarded to the relevant consultant/contractor who is responsible for resolving the issue, once they have resolved the issue, they can update the report with photos and notes from a secure web-link sent to the consultant following initial survey submission.

The initial survey is updated with the new information including the date and consultant name.

What Does The Dashboard Do?

The Dashboard in our BCR Comply System serves as an excellent addition to your set of construction tools. The Dashboard not only automatically generates reports from your application surveys, but it also performs a multitude of administrative functions. It is fully branded

The Dashboard is entirely customized to reflect your company’s branding. You can add your clients, contractors and projects via our Dashboard. There is a function to assign surveyors to each project as well.

Users have the ability to access the survey report, swiftly download it as a PDF, and efficiently share it with colleagues or stakeholders via email. Furthermore, the Dashboard enables prompt solicitation of documentation from other stakeholders and generates both report schedules and document schedules, allowing for swift creation of PDF versions when necessary for BCMS uploads.

By enhancing administrative processes, the Dashboard contributes to improved efficiency and time savings for your company.