We Can “Appify” Any Inspections, Checklists and Surveys To A More Simple And Time-Efficient Process

We create apps that will allow our customers to carry out their work more efficiently by going paper-free! We provide the full BC(A)R and regulation compliance system.

What We Do

We provide customised apps for industries of all types, including:

  • Fire inspections
  • Property inspections
  • Construction inspections
  • Insulation Inspections

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Why Should You ‘Appify’
Your Business’s Processes?

Increase your Turnover & ROI

Built in customisable inspection templates will allow you to survey properties quickly and more effectively enabling you to carry out more inspections and see more return.

Reduce Paper Waste

Reduce your company’s waste by going digital. No more wasted time from rejected drawings or inspections as these are saved on the app and can be shared easily.

Save Money

Save your company money by going digital. No more time-wasting doing lengthy reports and inspections by hand. Our customised app automatically generates reports and inspection checklists.

Less Time Wasted

Built in customised inspection templates allow you to survey properties quicker and more effectively. Our App allows you to add photos, notes and observations ‘on the go’.

What We Offer

Customised Apps For Professionals Within All Industries With Particular Emphasis On The Areas Within Construction (architects, surveyors, builders etc.)

Customised Apps

Our customised app can have your company’s inspection, checklist or survey templates built in.


Apps for all industries

We can design apps for professionals in industries and specialise in the area of construction.


Complete inspections with ease

With your customised app, you can complete construction inspection with ease, adding notes, photos & drawing tagging.

Automatic Reporting

Completed and submitted surveys are automatically generated into a report. These can be easily shared with colleagues or shareholders.

Customised Dashboard

The dashboard has many admin features to make your life even easier such as surveyor assigning, adding contractors, clients, etc.


BCR Comply offers support ………


We Take The Hassle Of Building Regulation Compliance With Our New And Innovative Administration And Inspection Software For Assigned Certifiers.

Have a Project in Mind?

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