about bcr comply retrofit system

The BCR Comply Retrofit system is a Project Management and Quality Management System which documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities in a formalised system that allows all contractors to achieve quality in its organisational and delivery policies and objectives.

The BCR Comply system offers a comprehensive solution for various industries, including construction, retrofit, and solar PV.

At BCR Comply we streamline project management, quality assurance, and compliance processes with our integrated dashboard and user-friendly apps, from managing property-related tasks to conducting surveys and generating reports.

BCR Comply provides a centralized platform for efficient workflow management and documentation with features tailored to the needs of contractors, surveyors, assessors, and project managers.

The bcr comply products

BCR Comply Dashboard

A centralized platform for managing projects, documentation, surveyors, compliance, and workflows.

BCR Comply Main App

Designed for project managers and surveyors to oversee and coordinate tasks, surveys, and compliance activities.

BCR Comply Lite app

Targeted at contractors, subcontractors, and assessors for executing tasks, submitting reports, and managing assignments.

A comprehensive web-based dashboard & APP providing real-time visibility on every aspect of projects, encompassing photographic evidence, compliance documents & up-to-date status updates on all ongoing works.

BCR Comply Project Management system for:

SEAI Registered Contractors

Solar PV Installers

Fire Engineers

Property Inspection Specialists

Energy Assessors

Building Surveyors

Quality Assurance Professionals

Warmer Homes Contractors



Health & Safety Inspectors

Construction Project Managers

The System Is Based On The Following 4 Principles:

project management


project management


project management


project management and qms


The App comes in two different versions:

Main App is for the organisation’s internal surveyors and QA personnel and has various levels of access which the scheme administrator sets from the main dashboard.

Lite App is for onsite sub-contractors and employees and these personnel have access to only their specific properties and specific forms within the App like EWI 5 stage progress report, progress report, contractors QA etc. and is also controlled by the scheme administrator.