🎉 New Year, New Us! 🚀 Exciting News from BCR Comply!

As we step into 2024, we are thrilled to unveil a brand new look for our dashboard!🌐 We’ve been working on a design that is more beautiful, more professional, and ultra-useful for you! Innovation never stops, and neither do we! The upgraded dashboard is geared to elevate your experience in the Retrofit, Construction, and Solar industries.

Stay tuned for a more efficient workflow in the year ahead with us!

1. Schemes & Batches creation

A Scheme is a particular set of Properties that you manage together more efficiently and has a particular name, for example: One Stop Shops scheme, Warmer Homes scheme, Private scheme, SEAI Test scheme, Community scheme, Local Authority Work 2023 scheme, etc.
When your Scheme is created, you need to create a Batch. The Batches are subsets of Properties that must be allocated to a particular Scheme.

2. Property creation

The Properties can be viewed via various routes on the Dashboard. You can filter them by a Scheme or by a Batch and get an overview on the main page of the dashboard.

3. Scheduler: your efficient way to plan all your properties!

Get the whole list of your Properties, Measures and Start & End dates.

4. Carry out your Inspections and get PDF Reports as the result!

Go to the app and fill in all the necessary forms for your Property. Once submitted, you get the signed PDF file with current date on it.

5. Assign Measures to a Property

Via the Dashboard you can easily assign a Measure to a Property. Once you assign a Measure, it is shown on the Main App for the user. These are the initial upgrade Measures that you intend to carry out on the Property.

6. Assign Contractor to a Measure

The Contractors can be internal operatives or outside contractors that carry out work on the Properties. These contractors can access both their own Dashboard and the Lite App and only see the Properties and information which is relevant to their role.

7. Upload Required Documentation 

A Contractor is encouraged by the system to provide the required verification documents on completion of the Measure to verify that this Measure has being carried out correctly.

8. Chat directly to a Contractor via our Messaging System

You can easily send a message directly within your Dashboard and App, ensuring your Administrator and Contractor (Surveyor or HEA/BER Assessor) stay connected.

9. Add Reminders if needed

Add easily a Reminder to the Contractor via your Property if needed.

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